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people call me No. This is a blog about..." /><"#page/7" />


- You can call me IMX, sometimes people call me No.
This is a blog about DOOM (the 1993 videogame) and one of the oldest and most active fanbases in the world of gaming.
Videogames, fan-made works, the community in general, id software and even music. If you're into retro gaming and you love DOOM too, be sure to check this little place out!

I'm sure its safe to say that the eternal hype can finally commence




“ Cybie-wybie.
More Doom fan art, this time of the 2016 Cyberdemon. I call him Jellybean.



More Doom fan art, this time of the 2016 Cyberdemon. I call him Jellybean.


MEGAMAN X DOOM hahaha just dome nonsensical stuff while practicing coloring and drawing techniques

Megaguy looks EXACTLY like the infamous Box Art MegaMan except cool.

Great drawings!

(via the-goddamn-doomguy)


You know, now that 90′s shooters are making such a big resurgence lately it feels weird calling them “90′s FPS.” I almost think we should come up with a name for the… sub-genre I guess you would call it? You know how fans of Devil May Cry and Bayonetta style games call them “character action games?”

I guess we could go back to using “DOOM clone” but that always sounded kind of dismissive to me. 

What do you guys think?

How ‘bout uhhhh:

'actual first-person shooters’?